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 Phone Number:

403-400-3655 (I Do Not . Answer Private Callers Or Fake Numbers)

Please E-mail me at


9 am-11 pm

Please Remember I  do require a 1.5-hour notice minimum before an appointment.


Proper Appointment Etiquette

I only cater to gentlemen. If there is anything that I need to know on your end. Please don’t hesitate to let me know HYGIENE is one of the most important things to me!!. I take time to make sure I am squeaky clean and would really appreciate if you have a quick shower at my location. Just ensure freshness if not please take a shower before you come over. I have unscented soap as well as mouthwash.


When you arrive Please have the donation in an unsealed envelope. Place the donation somewhere where  I can see it. Donations are non-negotiable. Please DO NOT ask for a discount. It's very inappropriate. I may at any time during our appointment have the right to end service if for some reason I feel the need to if you are disrespectful. Please refrain from using drugs or consuming too much alcohol before our appointment.


Please arrive on time for our date. If you are running late or need to cancel please call and let me know. I will not be upset, just grateful you let me know. Please be respectful of me at all times and I will be the same to you.







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